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glan·du·lar (glăn′jə-lər) adj. 1. a. Of, relating to, affecting, or resembling a gland or its secretion. b. Functioning as a gland. 2. Having glands. 3. Resulting from the abnormal function of glands or a gland. 4. a. Innate; visceral: has a glandular aversion to materialistic values. b. Carnal; sensual. [French glandulaire, from glandule, small. tracheal glands glandulae tracheales. Medical dictionary. 2011. glands of tongue; trachoma glands; Look at other dictionaries: gland — An organized aggregation of cells functioning as a secretory or excretory organ. SYN: glandula (1) [TA] Glandulae tracheales — gerklės liaukos statusas T sritis gyvūnų anatomija, gyvūnų morfologija atitikmenys: lot. Glandulae tracheales ryšiai: platesnis terminas - pogleivininis audinys.

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Define glandulae sebaceae. glandulae sebaceae synonyms, glandulae sebaceae pronunciation, glandulae tarsales; glandulae tracheales; glandulae tubariae; glandulae urethrales; glandulae urethrales femininae; glandulae urethrales masculinae; glandulae uterinae; glandulae ventriculi laryngis glandulae tracheales. glandulae tubariae. glandulae urethrales femininae. glandulae urethrales masculinae. glandulae uterinae. glandulae ventriculi laryngis. glandulae vestibulares minores. glandular. glandular branches. glandular branches of facial artery. glandular branches of inferior thyroid artery Glandulae bronchiales — bronchų liaukos statusas T sritis histologija atitikmenys: lot. Glandulae bronchiales ryšiai: platesnis terminas - gerklė ir bronchai

Karyometrische Untersuchungen an den Glandulae tracheales, der Glandula thyreoidea und den Glandulae parathyreoideae der Ratte nach Diäthyläther-Narkose. Ulrich Irrgang. 1978. 0 Reviews. What people are saying - Write a review. We haven't found any reviews in the usual places Glandulae bronchiales. Glandulae bronchiales: translation. bronchų liaukos statusas T sritis histologija atitikmenys: lot. Glandulae bronchiales ryšiai: platesnis terminas - gerklė ir bronchai. Medicininės histologijos ir embriologijos vardynas ..

Synonyms for glandulae sebaceae in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for glandulae sebaceae. 2 synonyms for glandulae sebaceae: sebaceous follicle, sebaceous gland. What are synonyms for glandulae sebaceae Structure of tracheal gland Known as: Glandulae tracheales , Tracheal gland , Tubular seromucous gland of trachea Expand National Institutes of Health Create Aler

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Tracheal glands - Glandulae tracheales. Anatomical hierarchy. General terms > Splanchnology > Respiratory system > Trachea > Submucosa > Tracheal glands. Find out information about Glandulae suprarenalis. or , endocrine gland about 2 in. long situated atop each kidney. The outer yellowish layer of the adrenal gland secretes about 30 steroid hormones, the most..

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  1. glandulae tracheales Tracheotomy The incision is commonly made through the second and third tracheal rings. As the isthmus of the thyroid gland covers the 2nd and 3rd tracheal rings, it is retracted inferiorly (tracheotomia superior) or incision is performed through lower tracheal rings (tracheotomia inferior)
  2. BAKGRUND Struma betyder förstoring av tyreoidea. Den kan vara diffus eller nodös med en eller flera knölar. Begreppet struma innefattar en brokig samling av för det mesta godartade tumörer såsom hyperplastiska, inflammatoriska tillstånd och/eller hormonella funktionsrubbningar.Fortfarande är jodbrist och därtill kopplad struma, mental retardation och kretinism ett mycket stort globalt.
  3. glandulae tracheales superiores (Franck, 1871); the pharyngeal glands (Chau­ veau, 1902); the upper cervical lymphatic glands (Leighton, 1927). Comparing the descriptive information given for the posterior cervical or pre­ pectoral lymph glands (Sisson, 1914, 1953; Circular No. 866, 1951) it ap
  4. Karyometrische Untersuchungen an den Glandulae tracheales, der Glandula thyreoidea und den Glandulae parathyreoideae der Ratte nach Diäthyläther-Narkose. Ulrich Irrgang. 1978
  5. glandulae tracheales: Numerous tubuloalveolar mixed glands located principally in the submucosa of the trachea; they open into the tracheal lumen through short ducts.Synonym: glandulae tracheales.(05 Mar 2000) Link: cancerweb.ncl.ac.uk/omd

Start studying Trachea: structure of the wall, syntopy, primary bronchus, bronchial tree III Root of lung. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools There are many variants in the size and shape of the thyroid gland, and in the position of the embedded parathyroid glands.. Sometimes there is a third lobe present called the pyramidal lobe. When present, this lobe often stretches up the hyoid bone from the thyroid isthmus and may be one to several divided lobes. The presence of this lobe ranges in reported studies from 18.3% to 44.6%

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  1. Tunica mucosa contains noduli lymphoidei tracheales and glandulae tracheales, which produce the mucus. Below the mucosa lies tela submucosa. The trachea is covered by connective tissue - tunica adventitia. BRONCHI. There are 2 principal bronchi - 1. bronchus principalis dexter et sinister
  2. Kroppens organ på latin - en övning gjord av amln0004 på Glosor.eu
  3. Анда трахея бизләре (glandulae tracheales) бар. · Лайла асты нигезендә шулай ук бизләр бар, алар канташ сыеча эшләп чыгара
  4. Find out information about glandulae preputiales. The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia . It might be outdated or ideologically biased. the sebaceous glands of the inner surface of the..
  5. tracheal glands الغدد الرغامية. English-Arabic Medical Dictionary. tracheal forceps; tracheal lavage; Look at other dictionaries: tracheal glands — glandulae tracheales Medical dictionar
  6. tracheal ring. The right lobe is often larger than left and isthmus joins them anteriorly at the level of 2 nd and 3 rd tracheal rings. Isthmus is plastered quite firmly to the anterior surface of trachea. A small portion of gland substance, pyramidal lobe often projects upwards from isthmus, generally to the left of midline

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Contextual translation of glandulae into English. Human translations with examples: buccal glands, labial glands, cardial glands, lingual glands, tympanic glands Kroppens organ på latin - en övning gjord av amln0004 på Glosor.eu. 1. Vik bak högra delen av pappret så att svaren inte syns. 2. Skriv ner svaren på frågorna i utrymmet under dem Glandulae suprarenalis synonyms, Glandulae suprarenalis pronunciation, Glandulae suprarenalis translation, English dictionary definition of Glandulae suprarenalis. adrenal gland top: cross section of a right adrenal gland bottom: placement of adrenal glands relative to kidneys n Define glandulae sudoriferae. glandulae sudoriferae synonyms, glandulae sudoriferae pronunciation, glandulae sudoriferae translation, English dictionary definition of glandulae sudoriferae. Glands located in the epidermis, which produce perspiration

Synonyms for Glandulae suprarenalis in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for Glandulae suprarenalis. 2 synonyms for adrenal gland: adrenal, suprarenal gland. What are synonyms for Glandulae suprarenalis Irishhealth.com offers a comprehensive source of health information and up-to-the-minute health news. Includes information on hundreds of common conditions, downloadable health leaflets and forms, video Q&As, rate my hospital and find a doctor tools, and online health discussions tracheal glands: Numerous tubuloalveolar mixed glands located principally in the submucosa of the trachea; they open into the tracheal lumen through short ducts. Synonym: glandulae tracheales. (05 Mar 2000) Previous: tracheal cartilages, tracheal fenestration, tracheal fistula, trachealgia: Next: tracheal intubation, trachealis, trachealis muscl tracheal glands Type: Term Definitions: 1. numerous tubuloalveolar mixed glands located principally in the submucosa of the trachea; they open into the tracheal lumen through short ducts. Synonyms: glandulae tracheales

glandula mammaria lobuli glandulae mammaria ductus lactiferi ligg suspensoria mammaria (Coopers ligament) clavicula scapula vertebra cartilagines tracheales paries membranaceus m trachealis ligg anularia bronchus principalis (dx et sin) bronchi lobares bronchi segmentales pulmones apex pulmoni glandulae tracheales glandulae tubariae: glandulae urethrales femininae glandulae urethrales masculinae glandular glandular Labrador tea glandular branches glandular branches of facial artery; Literary usage of Glandulae sebaceae. Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature: 1 The parameters that were observed included the length and width of lobes, presence or absence of pyramidal lobe, levator glandulae thyroideae, and isthmus with its relation to the tracheal rings Trachea: 1) TM - tunica mucosa a) EC - epitel víceřadý cylindrický s řasinkami / pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium b) BM - bazální membrána / basal membrane c) SMŽ - seromucinózní žlázy / seromucous glands (glandulae tracheales) d) LP - lamina propria . 2) TMC - tunica fibrocartilaginea a) HCH - hyalinní chrupavka / hyaline cartilag

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• glandulae tracheales -seromucous glands • cartilagines tracheales (15-20) -C-shaped rings • ligg. anularia / trachealia • paries membranaceus -dorsal wall • m. trachealis -smooth (horizontal as well as longitudinal fibers) • adventicia on the surfac tracheal lymphatic nodules tracheal muscle tracheal rale ( ) tracheal respiration ȣ ( ). tracheal rings (Ѩη ).. tracheal cough [MED.] der Brüllhusten no plural - volkstümliche Bezeichnung für den harten bellenden Husten bei Tracheitis tracheal glands pl. [MED.] seromuköse Drüsen der Luftröhren- u. Bronchialschleimhaut Lat.: Glandulae intercartilagineae tracheal mites pl. [ZOOL.] die Tracheenmilben pl. Lat.: Acarapis spp. (Gattung) [Invertebrates arabdict Arabic-English translation for capsula glandulae thyroideae , our online dictionary provides translation, synonyms, Example and pronunciation, ask questions, get answers from experts, and share your experience. Download Citation | On Jan 31, 2017, Vijaianand M and others published A CADAVERIC STUDY ON LEVATOR GLANDULAE THYROIDEAE IN SOUTH INDIAN POPULATION | Find, read and cite all the research you need.

Adenoid cystic carcinomas are a rare histological subtype of adenocarcinoma. Pathology Adenoid cystic carcinomas are generally considered low grade 4. The tumors have a notable tendency for perineural spread. Location They have a wide distrib.. Levator glandulae thyroideae is a fibromuscular band which connects th... Thyroid gland is an endocrine gland, situated in the lower part of the front and sides of the neck Glandulae tracheales ili žlijezde dušnika smještene su između mišićnog sloja i vezivne ovojnice dušnika. (Jalšovec, 2005.) Arterijska orba dušnika dolazi najvećim dijelom od donje štitne arterije te ogranaka koje čine a.thoracica interna i a.bronchialis dex. (Jalšovec, 2005. Entzündung der Glandula bulbourethralis. antepros- tatitis . Entzündung der Glandula sublingualis. sublinguitis . inflammation of the sublingual gland, sublinguitis . Entzündung der Glandula submaxillaris. submaxillar- itis, submaxillitis 398 ..

Histonet 2000: Trachea (Mensch), H

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  1. Glandulae tracheales Tracheal glands A06.4.01.001 BRONCHI BRONCHI A06.4.01.002 Arbor bronchialis Bronchial tree A06.4.01.003 Bronchus principalis dexter Right main bronchus A06.4.01.004 Bronchus principalis sinister Left main.
  2. Learn the translation for 'Glandulae' in LEO's English ⇔ German dictionary. With noun/verb tables for the different cases and tenses links to audio pronunciation and relevant forum discussions free vocabulary traine
  3. a propria der Tunica mucosa liegende seromuköse Drüsen. Tunica fibromusculocartilaginea. Dieses Skelett der Trachea enthält als charakteristische Bestandteile 16-20 hufeisenförmige Knorpelspangen (Cartilagines tracheales) aus hyalinem Knorpel,.
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Glandulae Tracheales M. Trachealis Bronchus principalis dexter Bronchus lobaris superior dexter Bronchus lobaris inferior dexter Bronchus lobaris medius dexter Bifurcatio Tracheae Bronchus sinistra Bronchus lobaris superior sinistra Bronchus lobaris inferior sinistra Trachea . Select categories you would like to watch. Updates to this gene will be send to {{ username } View Fall 2020 3MT3 Class 2 - Worksheet 2.docx from CLASSICS 3MT3 at McMaster University. 1 Fall 2020 3MT3: Class 2 - Worksheet 2 (Latin Nomina Anatomica) 2. General Anatomy arteria facial_ ven The tracheal length is usually between 10-13 cm with a width of 1.5-2 cm and is wider in men than in women 2,3. Relations. anteriorly: sternum, strap muscles, thyroid isthmus, a scending aorta, brachiocephalic artery, right common carotid artery, superior vena cava, inferior thyroid veins, left brachiocephalic vein 3,5; posteriorly: esophagus Find the perfect glandulae stock photo. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. No need to register, buy now

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levator glandulae thyroidae in first case. Second case showed narrow isthmus related to first tracheal ring and levator glandulae thyroidae arising from left lobe. In these case studies, we highlight various developmental anomalies of the thyroid gland as absent isthmus, pyramidal lobe and accessory lobe with levator glandulae thyroidae tracheal gland - english_chinese.academic.ru 氣管 Bilaterale pleomorfe adenomer i glandulae parotides Aneurisme i aorta thoracalis - en sjaelden årsag til fatal obstruktion af det centrale bronkiesystem Pleomorft pseudosarkomatöst karcinom i laryn Study Glandula thyroidea flashcards from Hana M.'s class online, or in Brainscape's iPhone or Android app. Learn faster with spaced repetition

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  1. adas lobos que se encuentran en ambos lados de la laringe. El objetivo de este estudio fue caracterizar las medidas, topografía y vascularización de la glándula tiroides de conejos Nueva Zelanda
  2. tracheal ring. tracheal ring: übersetzung (Anat) Trachea[l]knorpel m, Luftröhren[knorpel]ring m, Cartilago f trachealis. Fachwörterbuch Medizin Englisch-Deutsch
  3. Synonyms: glandulae tracheales. (05 Mar 2000) tracheal fenestration , tracheal fistula , trachealgia < Prev | Next > tracheal intubation , trachealis , trachealis muscl
  4. tracheal mucous gland. Trachealschleimhautdrüse f. Fachwörterbuch Medizin Englisch-Deutsch. 2013. tracheal mucosa; tracheal obstruction.
  5. It has a fibrous/fibromuscular band, i.e., levator glandulae thyroideae running from the body of the hyoid to the isthmus.[1] The lobes are 5 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm in dimension and weight around 25 gm. It extends from the fifth cervical to the first thoracic vertebrae. The lobes extend from the middle of the thyroid cartilage to the fifth tracheal rings
  6. It is likely that in Pantherinae the normal resting position of the larynx is low (5th to 7th cervical vertebra) and, due to the shortness of the cervical part of the trachea, the overlapping tracheal cartilages, and the limited space between the first ribs, the main movements of the Basihyoideum and the attached larynx should be in a rostral direction
  7. The thyroid is one of the largest endocrine glands in the body. This gland is found in the neck inferior to (below) the thyroid cartilage (a.k.a. the Adam's apple in men) and at approximately the same level as the cricoid cartilage. The thyroid controls how quickly the body burns energy, makes proteins, and how sensitive the body should be to other hormones

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English-Korean animal medical dictionary. tracheal ring. Interpretation Translatio tracheal catheter Look at other dictionaries: Tracheal intubation — Intervention Anesthesiologist using the Glidescope video laryngoscope to intubate the trachea of a morbidly obese elderly person with challenging airway anatomy Fachwörterbuch Medizin Englisch-Deutsch. 2013.. tracheal cannul

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  1. anatomy of thyroid gland 1. anatomy of thyroid gland ahammed kabeer m a 55th batch gov med college calicut 2. introduction development gross anatomy blood supply nerve supply lymphatic drainage histology surface anatomy applied anatom
  2. as - pogleivininis audinys No
  3. levator glandulae thyroideae. There were no ectopic thyroid tissues present between the root of the tongue to the gland's position. The two lobes were separate without any tissue intervening between them (Figure 1). The length of the lobes was 5.8 cm at the right and 6.3 cm at the left lobe; widths were 3.2 and 3.8 cm, respectively
  4. Among endocrine glands, thyroid gland is well known for its developmental anomalies ranging from common to rare. During routine dissection of the male cadaver, agenesis of isthmus of thyroid gland in the midline was noted. It resulted in two lateral lobes with two pyramidal lobe and levator glandulae thyroidae
  5. is Adulti; Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg (ub@ub.uni-heidelberg.de

LARYNX Membrana thyrohyoidea (thyroidea) Cartilago thyroidea -lamina dextra -lamina sinistra -incisura thyroidea sup.-incisura thyroidea inf-cornua superiora -ligg. thyroidea lateralia -cornua inferiora -facies art. cricoidea -linea obliqua -foramen thyroideu This video covers the anatomy of the parotid gland, sublingual gland and submandibular gland: definition, location, function and blood supply. Quiz yourself. Surgery done by Dr. Sridhar Reddy, Professor, ENT head and neck surger tracheal mucosa. Trachealmukosa f, Luftröhrenschleimhaut f. Fachwörterbuch Medizin Englisch-Deutsch. 2013. tracheal intubation.

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The Isthmus of The Thyroid Gland is Related Posteriorly to 2nd ,3rd and 4TH Tracheal Rings b- Posterior Relations of The Isthmus Mohamed el fiky 15. Anastomotic Branches between Superior Thyroid Arteries Pyramidal Lobe and Levator Glandulae Thyroidae (If Present) Inferior Thyroid Veins c- Relations of Upper and Lower Borders Of the Isthmus Mohamed el fik tracheal cartilage. cartilage de la trachée. English-French medical dictionary. 2015. tracer. Bovine definition is - of, relating to, or resembling bovines and especially the ox or cow. How to use bovine in a sentence. Did You Know AMI-lignende billede forårsaget af trakealkompression grundet forstörret glandula thyroidea indeholdende metastase fra prostatacancer . Engelsk titel: Symptoms resembling acute myocardial infarction caused by tracheal compression because of enlarged thyroid gland containing metastasis from pancreatic cancer Läs online Författare: Friis ML.

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Kishorenaick D., Thyagaraju K., Kumar B. Ravindra, Devi V. Subhadra. Incidence Of Pyramidal Lobe And Levator Glandulae Thyroideae Of Thyroid Gland In Adult Cadavers: A Morphological Study With Its Surgical Perspective. International Journal of Anatomy and Research. 2020 Apr; 2: 7458-7462: Abstract s. anillo traqueal. Nuevo Diccionario Inglés-Español. tracheal rin

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Medical Chinese dictionary (湘雅医学词典) Tracheal mucous membrane. Interpretation Translatio Svensk översättning av 'resection' - engelskt-svenskt lexikon med många fler översättningar från engelska till svenska gratis online RATIONALE Compared with most malignant tumors, papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC) is usually associated with favorable survival and low recurrence rate. The prognostic factors of PTC include age, sex, tumor size, enlarged lymph nodes, and extrathyroidal extension.Among the extrathyroidal extension, upper aerodigestive tract (ADT) invasion by PTC is a marker of more aggressive tumor behavior. arabdict Arabic-English translation for tracheal glands , our online dictionary provides translation, synonyms, Example and pronunciation, ask questions, get answers from experts, and share your experience.

Klausurrelevanter Stoff: Allgemeine HistologieLuftröhreTrachea (Luftröhre) - Anatomie und Klinik | KenhubForschungsbericht 2005 - UniNervengewebe
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