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Several different flags were used in Canada before our current National Flag. Since the first days of the European presence on Canadian soil, the flags (PDF download, 1.96 MB) of the European homelands, such as France, were displayed. The flags of British North America used in colonial Canada showcased ties to the British Empire The National Flag of Canada (French: le Drapeau national du Canada [lə dʁapo nɑsjɔnal dy kanada]), often simply referred to as the Canadian flag, or unofficially as the Maple Leaf or l'Unifolié (French: [l‿ynifɔlje]; lit. 'the one-leafed'), consists of a red field with a white square at its centre in the ratio of 1:2:1, in the middle of which is featured a stylized, red, 11-pointed. The Canadian Red Ensign (French: Red Ensign canadien) served as the civil ensign for Canada from 1892 to 1965, and as an informal flag of Canada from the late-19th century to 1965. The flag is a British red ensign, with the Union Flag in the canton, adorned with the shield of the coat of arms of Canada.. The Canadian Red Ensign emerged as an informal flag to represent Canada as early as the. 1965 02 15 professorway why did canada get a red flag instead canadian red ensign canada pre 1965 1965 02 15 professorway Canada Of The Flag 1921 1957It S National Flag Of Canada Day A Look At The Designs That DidnPpt Of Canada S Maple Leaf Flag PowerpointIt S National Flag Of Canada Day A Read More What flag did Canada use before 1965? Top Answer. Wiki User. 2012-09-16 18:12:13 2012-09-16 18:12:13. Canada used the Red Ensign as their flag from 1957 till 1965. Related Questions

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History. Before 1965, the Canadian Red Ensign had served as the de facto national flag of Canada. It was flown at all military installations in Canada and overseas, outside the legislature and government buildings, at Royal Canadian Legion halls, and many private homes.. In 1964, the federal government, after a long and acrimonious debate, adopted the Maple Leaf flag as the flag of Canada 15 February 1965. Current flag image by Martin Grieve, 4 December 2005 . A royal proclamation establishes the National Flag of Canada, the current maple leaf flag. The Canadian Red and Blue Ensigns and Royal Canadian Navy use of the White Ensign go out of official use The Flags of Canada. The various UnOfficial red and blue ensigns shown on this page were unofficial only in so far as they were not recognized by the British Admiralty, which regulated the flags used to identify Commonwealth ships at sea.The Canadian government and population used them on land as a matter of course. | The National Flags of Canada | The Provincial and Territorial Flags of. Before 1965, the official flag of Canada was the Union Jack (properly called the Union Flag). Between 1892 and 1965, variations of the Canadian Red Ensigns were authorized by the British authorities and by 1922 it had become the de facto flag of Canada 1965: Proposed Flag for Canada, known as the Pearson Pennant: A blue field with a white square containing a three-leaf maple. The blue sides were meant to represent John A. Macdonald's description of the Canadian Pacific Railway and Canada's geography, From sea to sea. 1994: Proposed flag for Canada, known as the Canadian Unity Flag

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The Flag Committee (left) began its deliberations with a sense of historical mission and in a spirit of cooperation. It wouldn't last. Nevertheless, on Feb. 15, 1965, Canada had a new national flag to raise (right) at a celebration in front of Parliament's Centre Block The Maple Leaf flag became Canada's flag on 15 February 1965.. Before this, Canada used the British Red Ensign with Canada's coat of arms on it. Flag experts say that the Red Ensign was defaced by the coat of arms.. Flag and heraldry experts also call the design of the flag a Canadian Pale.This is because the white stripe in the middle (called a pale in heraldry) was not the usual narrow. The long and often bitter debate over the new Canadian flag began in the House of Commons on 15 June 1964. It ended by closure on 15 December 1964. Feelings ran high among many English Canadians.Opposition leader John Diefenbaker demanded that the flag honour Canada's founding races and feature the Union Jack. Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson insisted on a design that conveyed. Canada's National Flag took form during the Great Flag Debate of the 1960s. In the words of M.P. John Matheson, one of the leaders of the parliamentary committee that selected the flag, its creation was the work of many loving hands. Here are some of the key individuals who contributed to the flag's creation

The National Flag of Canada, also known as the Canadian Flag or the Maple Leaf Flag (l'Unifolié in French), consists of a red field with a white square at its centre in which sits a stylized, 11-pointed red maple leaf.A joint committee of the Senate and House of Commons voted for the present flag in 1964 against formidable odds. After months of debate, the final design, adopted by. The Great Canadian Flag Debate (or Great Flag Debate) was a national debate that took place in 1963 and 1964 when a new design for the national flag of Canada was chosen.. Although the flag debate had been going on for a long time prior, it officially began on June 15, 1964, when Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson proposed his plans for a new flag in the House of Commons When Canada adopted its flag in the mid-1960s, Canada didn't have an official national flag until February 15, 1965. but not before beating out some tough competitors. 1 Canada fought under the Red Ensign flag during the two World Wars. After the First World War and again after the Second World War, the Government of Canada discussed the importance of our country having its own flag. Attempts to adopt a specific design repeatedly failed as consensus could not be reached Although Denison and others regularly spoke of the national flag, Canada did not have a national flag before 1965. 23 After 1900, inconsistency reigned as two major pretenders vied for the honour, each being bolstered by ardent supporters and denounced by vociferous detractors

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The red and white used in the National Flag of Canada were proclaimed the official colors of Canada in 1921 by King George V. Although the maple leaf did not have official status as an emblem of Canada until 1965, it had historically been used as a Canadian symbol and was employed in 1860 in decorations for the visit of the Prince of Wales to Canada Canada's national flag was to be red and white, the official colors of Canada as decided by King George V of Britain in 1921, with a stylized 11-point red maple leaf in its center In 1996, National Flag day was officially proclaimed by the then Prime Minister Jean Chretien. National Flag of Canada Day February 15. At the stroke of noon on February 15, 1965, Canada's red. Get the best deals on Collectible Canadian Flags when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many items Vintage Canadian Flag Change Info 1965 Canada Ephemera Maple Leaf Travel Bureau. $27.50. $3.50 shipping. or Best Offer. Albania Flag Any Text Personalized Novelty Car License Plate Before the adoption of the maple leaf-designed National Flag of Canada in 1965, Canada, first as a colony and later as a dominion, was represented by a succession of royal flags — the flag of France, the Cross of St. George, the first version of the Royal Union Flag (combining the English and Scottish flags), and, finally, the current Royal Union Flag (combining the British and Irish flags.

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February 15, 1965. Before that, Canada used the Union Flag (as part of the former Britisch Empire) The official ceremony inaugurating the new Canadian flag was held on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on February 15, 1965, with Governor General Georges Vanier, Pr.. The first Canadian flag was the Flag of the Governor General of Canada, a Royal Union Flag with a shield in the centre bearing the quartered arms of Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick surrounded by a wreath of maple leaves 1965: Canada's new Maple Leaf flag raised in Ottawa The Story On Feb. 15, 1965, for the first time in the country's 98-year history, Canadians raise an official national flag

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