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There are ways to get the Grey screen Startup blue by fixing Mac gray screen by anyone of the following methods: Method 1. Disconnect External Peripherals. This method works on different models or types of Mac computers, like MacBook, iMac, etc. Now, let's fix the Mac stuck on grey screen issue right away When your Macbook pro gets stuck on grey screen, it actually becomes so dark and rather looks black. Due to Retina display on Mac, there is no power indicator on a Mac screen. When the system starts, your screen goes grey resulting in grey screen problem The MacBook Pro Gray Screen Issue. Believe it or not, the gray screen issue on MacBook Pros frequents every Q&A site. It seems that more and more MacBook Pro users running High Sierra are still unable to find solutions to their problem. Feels terrible, right? Well, it only feels that way because many still have got no clue for a possible reason

Question: Q: MacBook Pro won't start past grey screen! My MacBook Pro will not turn on past the grey startup screen with the apple logo and the spinning wheel. This happened immediately after my computer stopped responding and I was forced to turn it off via the power button Question: Q: MacBook Pro won't go past grey screen with loading bar and wheel Last night I switched my laptop (Macbook Pro 15 late 2011) off completely normally but this morning when I try to switch it on it comes up with the usual grey screen with apple sign and spinning wheel but there is also a loading bar which disappears after a few seconds - Sometimes the macbook loads up and is stuck on the gray screen and other times it reaches the gray screen and restarts itself. - I've connected the macbook pro to an external display and saw a similar screen (gray with vertical lines) on the external display

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If you still see black screen on Mac, read on. 3. Disconnect all peripherals. Remove all external devices like printers or external drives. These devices may start their own dialogues which could interfere with your display settings. More solutions if your MacBook Pro won't turn on Force restart your Ma Senior writer Lex Friedman's friend Julian had a MacBook Pro that refused to start up. stuck on the Gray Screen of Stomach Pain Inducement for resuscitating a Mac that won't start up

2011 macbook pro grey screen vram repair - Duration: 7:58. ScoopOf3D 30,069 views. 7:58. How to Fix Macbook Pro Flashing Folder, Blinking Question Mark, White Screen,. Start the MacBook Pro in Safe Mode. The MMacBook Pro won't turn on issue can also be fixed by starting the device in safe mode. This will allow you to spot the errors better and perform other checks which can help you find the core issue why your MacBook Pro won't start

Fixing a 2011 MacBook Pro booting to a Grey Screen - AMD Radeon Video Glitch December 23, 2017 I've been a Mac user for years, and I've repaired hundreds of different Macs, from the early II series to the latest 2015 and 2016 model MacBook Pros, iMacs (and other Apple hardware to boot!), and there is almost never a hardware situation where I've thrown in the towel and told someone to ditch. After losing my MacBook (Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2013) High Sierra 10.13.6) and being locked out by a black screen and a white apple and full logon bar, after Apple made me load something so it could talk to my tethered iPhone, I tried everything on your list when I found your piece on Leverage Terminal MacBook Stuck on Apple Logo & Won't Boot There is a MacBook Pro from 2012 with Mountain Lion that won't boot. The Apple logo is showing, the spinning wheel and then it just goes to a solid grey screen. I've tried to hold Cmd+R while booting, this does nothing. I've tried to hold Shift while booting, this goes to a solid blue screen

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Let us show you how to fix a Mac that won't start. Having a Mac or MacBook that refuses to even start is a scary Pro. Trending iPhone The Mac doesn't start, but hangs at a blue or grey screen my 2011 macbook pro was in sleep mode for a week or so. woke to a black screen. rebooted to black screen. tried all these but none worked. found something crazy elsewhere that worked. on macbook with dual graphic cards. have laptop on and wrap it in blankets. after about 15 minutes. power down and reboot. the heat makes it switch to onboard graphics card Be it a Mac mini, iMac, MacBook Air, or a MacBook Pro, it could boot into a black or blank screen. It's known as the black screen of death. In some worse cases, the Mac won't turn on at all.. You might be pressed for time to finish a client's work on the MacBook Pro or Air Some owners have noted an issue with Apple's latest MacBook Pro model (early 2011), where the machine will start up to the gray Apple logo screen without a progress indicator and freeze. Apple has. If you're 2012 macbook pro a1278 is having flashing blinking folder with question mark, turning off randomly, computer freeze randomly, or white screen of de..

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  1. g faster and more sophisticated. If you are not an IT enthusiast or familiar Mac OS user, small issues can seem daunting
  2. It doesn't matter if you get a gray screen of death at startup or a black one the main issue is that your Mac won't start up like it did before. This is a problem you're most likely to see on Macs with a built-in Retina display. For example, there are the Retina iMac models that lack a power on indicator
  3. If this is successful, reboot your Macbook and it should start normally. If not, continue reading, there may be other issues. Check connections. Plug your MacBook Pro charger into the laptop and into the wall socket. Verify both connections are tight. Make sure the power cord isn't damaged while you're there too
  4. Reset NVRAM Sometimes you need to restore the NVRAM to get your computer functioning again, reset the NVRAM by powering down the MacBook; restart and immediately hold down the Command-Option-P-R keys simultaneously. When you hear the start-up chime a second time, release the keys. Startup Disk... - MacBook Pro 1

Hi guys, Tech James here, Here is the solution to fix/bypass the OS X El Capitan Mac Book stuck on the grey apple logo or loading screen, you can then reinstall the operating system. Music. Try to disconnect all of them (printers, scanners, USB devices, etc.) with the exception of the keyboard and mouse. Then reboot your Mac. If it boots up now, one of those peripherals is the source of the plain white screen problem. However, if it fails and your MacBook won't load, check out other possible ways to wake up your Mac. 1 How to Restart From Apple Gray Screen. When your Mac stalls on a plain gray screen, it is never good news. Whether it is blank or has a spinning globe, the Apple logo or the image of a folder with a flashing question mark, you'll have to troubleshoot the problem before you can use the computer. Peripheral devices. Macbook Pro loads won't get past grey screen on startup! Thread starter Flawl3ssCowb0y; Start date Feb 6, 2009; F. Flawl3ssCowb0y New member. Joined Feb 6, 2009 Messages 1 Reaction score 0 Points 1. Feb 6, 2009 #1 Hi, I apologise for what will most likely be an essay ahead

If your Mac has signs of power but the screen remains blank, try the steps for when your Mac starts up to a blank screen. If you still need help, please contact Apple Support. Published Date: April 14, 2020. Helpful? Yes No Character limit: 250. Please don't include any. MacBook pro won't boot. Grey... MacBook pro won't boot. Grey screen spinning gear. Submitted: 7 years ago. Category: Mac. Show More. Show Less. The screen remains in the grey apple mode with the gear spinning. the computer will not start up in the safe mode by holding down the shift key immediately aft. I went to restart my macbook with a blank dvd in the drive and it won't load past the gray screen. I help option to get the dvd out of the drive and restarted again but still no bootIt's stayed on the gray screen for over 30 minute

Given the efficiency and convenience of sleep mode on Mac systems, it is often a rarity that we end up restarting our Macs. When we do, we expect it to boot to normal operation; however, sometimes a snafu may result in your Mac booting to a gray screen, and no further My MacBook Pro won't load past the grey screen. Sombody PLEASE Help? My mac has done this before but I forget what I did to get to come back because it was a long time ago when it did this. The computer froze earlier today and I didn't think twice about it shutting it down holding the button down like I always do

That is iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or Mac mini desktop hangs on startup. The stuck Apple loading screen frequently occurs after a recent macOS update. At first, you may regard such a long boot time as a slow startup. But the Mac just got stuck on the loading screen with Apple for hours without any change If this does not work, unplug and remove the battary from your MacBook Pro (after shutting off), leave the machine disconnected for 30 seconds, then press and hold the power button for 5 seconds. Finally, put the battery and power cord back in and start up. This will clear the SCM Just fixed MacBook Pro stuck in Sleep and Fans running high. All you need to do is open up case and unplug the fans from motherboard! Somehow the temperature sensing must be in fan air and it senses high temp and shuts down computer with fans on high

how to fix grey screen display on laptop windows 10 after I pressed the power on, the acer display appeared and I waited for the lock screen to display but a gray screen just showed up. I really need to fix this problem in my laptop because I'm attending a contest this coming october please heeeelp meeeee As the post above, it could be GPU related since it's a 2011 MBP. I restarted my early 2011 MacBook Pro a couple of weeks ago and it failed to boot up. Would go into a grey screen after the loading bar on boot, fans would kick in and it sometimes would go into a blue screen. Safe mode, single user mode, PRAM resets etc all failed

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Is your MacBook Pro/Air, iMac, Mac Mini not booting up after the latest macOS update? Or you see the Apple booting loop or a black, gray screen of death? If so, your Mac won't boot from the Mac internal hard drive for some reason. Though booting the MacBook Pro from an external hard drive is a feasible way, there are some limits as well The blue or grey screen is the display that appears following the start-up of the MacBook Pro. Sometimes it may appear black, or so dark you might think your computer hasn't started up at all. The blue or grey screen is not called black screen even when the screen is black (this is true of most recent Mac models) Let us show you how to fix a Mac that won't start. Having a Mac or MacBook that refuses to even start is a scary Pro. Trending Black The Mac doesn't start, but hangs at a blue or grey screen

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Tips & Tricks On How To Fix Apple iMac Macbook Air Pro Grey Display White Screen Sudden Death Full HD 2017! Intro Designed by Joseph Hung Outro Designed by J.. The devices this article applies to include the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook, iMac and the Mac Pro. In case the Mac becomes inaccessible as a result of whatever the issue causing the white screen, make sure you keep a backup of whatever information you have been working on saved There can be several reasons why a computer won't boot and display a white screen. However, there are several tips you can try to fix it. This article explains how to fix this white screen issue so your Mac can work as normal. This problem may affect various Mac devices: MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, MacBook, Mac Pro Use the following technique to reset SMC if your MacBook won't load. If your MacBook's battery isn't removable: Shut down Mac and plug in the power cord. Press Shift-Control-Option, then press Power button. Hold the keys for about 10 seconds. Release the keys. Press Power as you would normally start your Mac

My MacBook Pro (early or late 2011) 15. Sorry I can't tell you for sure as it won't boot up. It does the same thing as Jeyven Sean. Originally, I got a lot of tiling, appeared to fix itself and within minutes it turned black like going into sleep mode. I did a hard boot, then got a gray screen with the Apple symbol with lines that were uneven After a forced shutdown, my white MacBook hangs at the gray screen with the Apple logo and an infinitely spinning progress wheel. I can boot in verbose mode, but I didn't see any particular error, just a timeout (I can provide the verbose text, but I'm at work and my Mac is at home) Therefore, when your MacBook gets stuck on loading screen, you can try to reset your Mac's SMC. To reset MacBook Pro, MacBook Air with non-removable battery: After shutting down the MacBook, press Shift, Control, Option keys on the keyboard; And then, the Power button for 10 seconds. Next, release all the keys and reboot your MacBook

After restart the screen goes gray then random vertical lines draw on the screen.. trying to restart by pressing the start button for several seconds doesn't help... the MacBook just turns off. Turning it back on, the screen now had thin green lines overlayed over the apple logo boot screen. This stays for a moment - until the loading scroll bar reaches about 1/3 to 1/2 of the way across - and then the screen goes grey. The same thing happens if I try to launch recovery, internet recovery, or diagnostics whatever

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However, we've noticed a number of My MacBook Pro won't turn on posts, and solutions are not so easy to be found. Theoretically speaking, 'MacBook Pro won't turn on' problem usually relates to one of two things. Either the display is malfunctioning, which means the computer is on, and you just can't see that it is In Mac, the Grey screen of death is one of the major problems that might be caused by numerous issues including conflicts with peripheral devices or damaged internal application system settings. You can know how to fix Mac grey screen of death problem at your own risk by following some of the troubleshooting steps I inherited a Mac book pro 2009, FireWire port one. The screen is white with lines, like a broken cable on the inside. Thing is Buddy took his hdd. So no screen, no os. How would I install os without seeing or can I mirror to external from boot For last 2 days I am not able to to my MacBook Pro. It was working fine and suddenly for no reason after I last shutdown my mac I am not able to . The mac starts up fine and goes to the screen. After I enter my password the progress bar is stuck in 70%-80% and sometimes at 100%. I tried resetting NVRAM and SCM but it didn't help MacBook Pro är våra mest kraftfulla bärbara datorer, med snabba processorer, suverän grafik, Touch Bar och en fantastisk Retina-skärm

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My Macbook pro won't start. The apple appears with the turning circle underneath, but it won't boot beyond this. I can't find my original disk. The later is working fine - the Mini is stuck on gray apple screen when i try to boot up. I only have a blue tooth key board and mouse. Rach, the folder with the question mark means the computer cannot find the startup system. This could happens because files that are needed to boot the computer are damaged, or the drive's directory is damaged. This can also happen when your computer has a dead drive.Try rebooting your computer... - MacBook Air 13 Mid 201

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I am having problems starting up my Macbook Pro. I was closing my internet browser the other night when my macbook suddenly went on a black screen. It was still on, cos the keyboard lights were on, but nothing was working to fix it, so I shut it down. I tried starting it up, but it wouldn't. It.. MacBook won't start up I had the 'dead, but still breathing' problem and took it to the dealer. Turns out it was the NVIDIA chip set. They fixed it under warranty. I don't understand why Apple doesn't just do a recall and fix the problem. They would be so far ahead of everyone else if they did, so why are they playing the Toyota game? By the way My MacBook Air won't turn on black screen My MacBook Pro won't turn on but is charging My Mac computer won't start up after macOS High Sierra update If the only way that you can start up is from macOS Recovery mode, the operating system on your startup disk is not usable again Your Mac screen will light up and start up normally. Method 4: Reset the NVRAM/PRAM. If the Mac is still unresponsive and shows black screen or the Macbook Pro/Air screen goes black intermittently, you need to reset the NVRAM/PRAM to see if it works. STEP 1: Hold power button for 6 seconds to shut down your Mac. STEP 2: Press power button

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Mac Running Slow? Selling? How-To Reset MacBook Pro; My Mac Won't Start or Boot: How To Fix White Screen; Fix a MacBook that keeps powering off or restarting randomly; It's tough to say. There could be a variety of problems causing a Mac's boot process to fail or for the boot process to get stuck on the loading bar Mac won't turn on? Check the Ultimate Fix Guide. It's a complete guide to fix Mac not turning on issue, which can work for MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini, and iMac. Before you check out our 9 feasible solutions to fix Mac not booting issue, you can try these quick fixes first. 1. Restart your Mac. 2. Repair Macintosh HD in macOS Recovery. 13 MacBook Pro can't start up! Grey screen and flashing folder with question mark? I recently bought my MacBook Pro less than 2 weeks ago. It was working last night. I need to know if I can fix this problem on my own or do I need to take it into an Apple store I've had my MacBook Pro for about 2 years, it's never done this before but when I went to start it up it wouldn't go past the white screen with the gray apple on it. I let it sit there for about 30 minutes but it still didnt change. People have told me to put the disk that I got with it but there is a disk inside the disk drive and I can't get it to eject

MacBook Pro Stuck On Loading Screen Shut Down Your Mac. When you see that your MacBook Pro is stuck on loading screen, you cannot shut it down from the Apple menu. All you can do is press the power button for a few seconds until the computer is off. Then, disconnect all peripheral devices from your Mac and wait for 30 seconds to 1 minute MacBook won't boot up? These tips will work for any MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro. Make sure it isn't a screen issue Riley That is, can you hear it humming, chiming as it starts. For many MacBook users such as yourself, this is the last line of defense against problems, because the Disk Utility has the power to resolve several of them at once; frozen screen included. Reboot your MacBook with your fingers placed on the R and Command keys. Let go of them as soon as the Apple logo pops up macbook won't boot past grey screen. macbook won't boot past grey screen. Computer Repairs, Help and Support - Perth Phone: 08 6118 2601. Toggle navigation. 7 Reasons why your Macbook or Mac will not start or is stuck on the startup screen Without putting the Mac or Macbook through an Apple Diagnostics test,.

Is my graphics card screwed? | MacRumors ForumsMacbook Stuck On Apple Logo With Spinning WheelHow to fix Flashing Folder with Question Mark on Mac | Doovi

Part 4. Specific Ways to Fix Mac Green Screen. While the MacBook Pro green screen situation is not as common as the white or gray screen problem, it can occur unexpectedly. Mostly, users get the green screen on Mac due to a hardware related problem. Though, some firmware or bootloader glitch can also result in the same. Causes of Mac Green Screen Macbook Pro (Late 2011) with Bootcamp and Windows 7/Mac OS X 10.7.4. OS X 10.7 normal mode - freezes on white screen after the Apple logo. OS X 10.7 safe mode - displays blue screen with vertical lines. OS X 10.7 recovery partition - freezes on white screen. OS X 10.7 DVD - freezes and then spins the drive dow You can resolve many display issues by updating the software on your Apple devices, cables, and adapters. If you can see an image on your screen, check for software updates using the Mac App Store:. Connect your external display and any Apple video cables or adapters that you use with it

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